Bat Kingdom in Subic Bay - Philippines

When you are in the Olongapo City area and sightseeing, you might want to drop by the Bat Kingdom in Subic Bay. True there are other popular spots like wreck sites, parks and beaches, but for nature and animal lovers, you will not want to miss this one.

The official name of the place is the Cubi Bat Kingdom, and it is a forest reserve where Bamboo Bats and the Golden Crowned Flying Foxes are found. It is also the residence of the Pteropus vampyrus lanensis, or the Philippine Giant Fruit Bat.

The latter are the biggest bats on the planet and despite the name and reputation, their nourishment consists of plants only and in due fact play a vital role in the life cycle of the rainforest in the country. They do this by releasing the seeds into various flowers, thus allowing flowers and plants to bloom and grow.

When you go on a tour of the Bat Kingdom in Subic Bay it will start in the afternoon, because it is that time when the creatures are still sleeping, nestled on the trees. You will be advised to maintain silence so as not to disturb them. As soon as it is nighttime, the creatures will stir and you will be treated to the magnificent sight of these creatures take flight in search of food. The sound they make can be quite loud, for there are many. It has been estimated that there are as many as 10,000 of these in the forest reserves and more are being produced to help it fight off extinction.

The Bat Kingdom in Subic Bay is at Crown Peaks in Subic Bay. If you are staying at one of the hotel resorts in Waterfront Road at the Freeport Zone, it is only a 15 minute drive. The cost will be covered by the package tour you are on. Usually the cost will be around 1,500 Php to 2,000 Php ($40), but this will include the fee for the guide and will also be inclusive of stopovers at the other tourist attractions in Subic like the Ocean Adventure, the Zoobic Safari and with food and drinks too.

It is not everyday that you get the chance to see some of these absorbing night creatures, or learn about their habitat and behavior. At the Bat Kingdom in Subic Bay you can do just that, and a lot more.



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