Cinco Picos Trekking in Subic Bay - Philippines

One of the most enjoyable and exciting activities that tourists in Subic can try is Cinco Picos trekking. Many people enjoy this recreational and outdoor activity because Mount Cinco Picos features numerous natural attractions. In addition, this place provides a nice and relaxing overview of some of the beautiful tourist destinations in the area. However, to enjoy this activity, everyone is encouraged to make prior arrangements with tourist guides who are knowledgeable of the place. Moreover, it is also important that they arrange with Aetas who live near the mountain to ensure their safety.

For those who want to try Cinco Picos trekking, it is necessary that they know how to locate the usual jump off point at Mount Cinco Picos. Trekkers from Manila City and Pasay City can always ride in buses bound to Olongapo City. From the city, they can see jeepneys and taxis that can transport them to Barangay Cawag where the community of Aetas can be found. From the community, they need to arrange with Aetas who can guide them as they explore the mountain. To enjoy this activity, most tourists start their trek at this community.

As they do this activity, tourists can surely enjoy viewing some of the beautiful sightseeing spots like Rounded Peak and Pointed Peak. In addition, they should pass thru several rivers that play home to some marine species. Trekkers can also see numerous plant species as they visit some of the nice spots in Mount Cinco Picos. Many tourists create camps in one of the plateaus in this attraction. According to tourist guides and trekkers who have tried Cinco Picos trekking, it usually take a day to complete the activity. However, everyone is advised to bring their supplies like food and water since it will take another day to go back to the starting point of the trek.

Also known as Tatlong Tirad, Mount Cinco Picos is also important to the history of Subic Bay, Zambales. This mountain is one of the sites in the area that officials and members of U.S. Marine visit whenever they conduct military trainings. On the other hand, this place is also significant to Aetas since it served as one of their hunting grounds. Thus, for those who want to try Cinco Picos trekking, it is important that they prepare at least 1,000 pesos, inclusive of transportation expenses from Manila City, as well as food allowance while they are enjoying the activity.



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