Driftwood Beach in Subic Bay - Philippines

There are several fine beaches in and around Subic, which is one of the reasons why people go there, but definitely one of the most popular is Driftwood Beach. In spite of the prevalence of various other beaches, this one continues to rank among the most popular among visitors to the province of Zambales.

What makes the site so captivating is the combination of the clear sand, the blue skies and the atmosphere. Relaxing on the sands and just listening to the waves can help soothe your nerves as you rest and unwind. There is always plenty of sun, so you can spend the afternoon getting that tan.

Because it is very near Zambales, the weather is almost always agreeable on Driftwood Beach in Subic so you get to savor the fresh breeze too. The skyline itself is another attraction; one can spend an afternoon just watching the clouds resting across the blue sky, and later as the sun sets, admire the various colors that emerge as the dusk begins to settle in. For some, nothing can be more enjoyable than lying by the beach or sitting on the sands and gazing at the skies.

However there is more to the beach than just lying around and relaxing; the waves are very conducive to an assortment of watersports. If you love kayaking or water boarding, you can do that here; there are also a number of other activities you can do including snorkeling as well go diving, as there are some areas that feature beautiful underwater scenery.

Driftwood Beach in Subic is in Barrio Barretto in Olongapo City. It is very near the PNP (Philippine National Police) camp called 164. Any public utility vehicle, be it a tricycle or jeepney can take you there. It is a public beach and is popular among locals as well as foreign tourists. The cost of transportation is about 20 Php for the jeepney but it will also depend on how far you are coming from. You will also want to bring some cash because it is not that far from the restaurants in Olongapo City.

The best thing about going to this place is that being a public beach it is always full of people, so not only will you get to enjoy the waters, but you can also savor the opportunity to get along and interact with the other people at the Driftwood Beach in Subic.



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