Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant in Subic Bay - Philippines

Situated at Treasure Island Resort, which is definitely one of the finest, grandest, and most famous beach resorts within Subic Bay in the province of Zambales, Dryden’s is a superb bar and restaurant stationed at Barrio Barretto that is particularly known for the extensive, sumptuous, and inexpensive food varieties that it regularly offers. Through the years, this place remains a favorite hangout spot for tourists, expatriates, and local residents alike. This fine dining location serves delectable Western, Filipino, Asian, and other delightful International cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest stomachs out there.

The Restaurant

Especially designed for people with distinctively refined tastes for food, Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant in Subic offers outstanding Western Breakfasts that come with bottomless tea or coffee. Under this category, customers can choose from any of its delicious breakfast packages including Cinnamon French Toast Breakfast, Sausage Breakfast, and American Breakfast. For all the health buffs out there, they will surely enjoy any of its Healthy Breakfast Packages, which include Oatmeal, Seasonal Fruit Plate, and Seasonal Fruit Bowl. Meanwhile, Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant also serves Filipino Breakfasts, which comprise numerous local delicacies from Subic and other parts of the Philippines such as Longanisa, Bangus Daing, and Tapang Baka.

The Food

Moreover, there are many other exciting food offerings and exquisite special delicacies to savor and enjoy at Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant in Subic. It has an extensive lineup of great-tasting salads such as Garden Salad, Chicken Salad, and Chef’s Salad. The house also serves scrumptious and sumptuous sandwiches like All Beef Hotdog, Dryden Burger, and Dryden SUPERBURGER. Aside from the ordinary sandwiches, people can also find here special grilled sandwiches including Dryden’s Special Roast Beef, Open Face Sandwiches, and Old Fashioned Meat Loaf. Above anything else, this restaurant takes pride in serving the specialties of the house, namely Adobo, Kare-Kare, and Nilagang Baka. This fine dining beachside restaurant and bar also serves enticing appetizers, wonderful pizzas, and palatable desserts.

Of course, an outstanding bar and dining facility like Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant in Subic is not complete without the wide array of alcoholic beverages and special beers that it serves. For local brands, the lineup includes Red Horse, Beer na Beer, and San Mig Light. It also provides numerous important brands, depending on what is available at the bar counter. Furthermore, customers can find an assortment of super special drinks including red wine, brandy, and whiskey. Additionally, it also serves white wine, vodka, and gin.


Dryden’s Beachside Restaurant is conveniently located at Treasure Island Resort along Baloy Long Beach, which is a first-rate dining tourist attraction in Subic. Tourists and guests can easily book at this prestigious beach resort, which is known for its outstanding services, great hotel accommodations, and its vibrant atmosphere. After dining at this premier bar and restaurant, customers and guests can enjoy endless fun under the sun with the different kinds of exciting outdoor activities all over the area including kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.



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