Dungaree Beach in Subic Bay - Philippines

Although a lot of people head out to Subic to go scuba diving, it is actually a lot of fun to go swimming there. One that is garnering attention these days is Dungaree Beach.

The fact that the beach can hold only 500 people is a plus for a lot of tourists and visitors, as it allows for a cozier environment. One of the things that you can enjoy here is a quieter setting allowing you to enjoy the scenery and beauty without any distractions and with less noise.

The skyline here is one of the most picturesque, with the soft blue skies blending in nicely with the grey tinted mountains in the background. Although most beaches have mountain ranges in the background, the setting here is quite distinct as the constant movement of the clouds and the changing hues make for an arresting view.

The waters of Dungaree Beach are no less impressive; its dark bluish colors the perfect complement to the smooth sands. Standing by the beach in the afternoon you will come across trees as well, and strolling along the shore, or just sitting under their shade, can be an ideal way to spend the day.

The beauty of the scene can be seen in pictures, but there is nothing quite like being there where you can feel the wind blow, the sand at your feet and the waters embracing your body. Alternatively you can just sit down and watch the other people on the beach enjoy a game of volleyball or you can participate yourself.

Dungaree Beach is located at Barrio Barretto in Olongapo City. If you are in the Freeport Area it is only a short drive towards the barrio where the beach is located. There is an entrance fee and they are as follows: on weekdays it is 100 Php each for adults (about $3) and 38 Php for every child. On Saturdays and Sundays it is 150 Php per individual and 50 Php for children. The beach opens very early in the morning and closes around five in the afternoon.

There are also amenities available. For the nipa huts, the costs range from 250 Php ($5) for the smaller ones and 1,500 Php ($30) for the larger types. The sun lounges are 50 Php each and if you want to play volleyball on Dungaree Beach the cost is also 50 Php. With all these facilities and accommodations, it certainly merits a stopover.



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