The new BIO PLANèTE products – for every day and for those very special moments

February 20, 2020

With great joy and pride, we are presenting our two new BIO PLANèTE products at Biofach 2020. In our products, you can taste our love for oils, our expertise, and our passion for innovation. Both of the new products are certified according to our high standards for organic foods and are unique on the German market. Curtain up!

?lmühle Moog supporting camelina seed cultivation

February 20, 2020

Seed cultivation is a cross-generational task, and it is of vital significance for the future of organic agriculture! Because of this, the ?lmühle Moog is supporting scientific investigation into the camelina plant (commonly known as ‘false flax’) and creating new cultivars.

Savouring oil - Recognise Taste and Characteristics

December 18, 2019

The BIO PLANèTE sortiment includes more than 70 different cold-pressed organic oils, from traditional varieties for healthy everyday cooking to gourmet products. All of them have their very own taste, but how do you recognise the characteristics and quality of an oil?

Gold Medal for BIO PLANèTE

October 25, 2019

The BIO PLANèTE Olive Oil & Truffle has been awarded with the Gold medal for the best foreign organic product of the year at the organic trade fair Natura Food in the Polish city of ?ód?.

Recall of gluten-free BIO PLANèTE products ?Protein Flaxseed Flour“ and ?Breakfast Champion“

March 15, 2018

BIO PLANèTE Protein Flaxseed Flour 250 g, best-before dates: February and March 2019. BIO PLANèTE Breakfast Champion - Protein Mixture 300 g, best-before dates: December 2018 until March 2019. No other BIO PLANèTE products are affected!

BIO PLANèTE focuses on environmentally friendly packaging for the Omega Flaxseed Oil Mixtures

February 13, 2018

The box makes all the difference: the previous round box has been replaced with a rectangular one. This has one major advantage in particular. The new package saves roughly 3.5 tons of material every year. With this relaunch of the Omega Color series, BIO PLANèTE is taking a clear stand for resource conservation and also guaranteeing the proven quality of its cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil Mixtures.

Bienvenue! BIO PLANèTE opens its "new" doors to visitors First ever Open Day

July 4, 2017

On 9 and 10 June, the oil mill Moog – the first organic oil mill in Europe and home to the BIO PLANèTE brand – welcomed numerous guests to its first ever open day.

NEW: Protein Flours from Europe’s Oldest Organic Oil Mill (BioFach 2017)

February 15, 2017

For BioFach 2017, BIO PLANèTE has come up with a real surprise: after 33 years as an expert in organic oils, for the first time the company will be presenting a whole new product range that strikes out in a new direction from its “liquid gold” – three high-quality plant-based protein flours for cooking and baking.

Now Available in the Vitality Oil Range: BIO PLANèTE Presents its New Milk Thistle Oil (BioFach 2017)

February 15, 2017

BIO PLANèTE will be presenting its new virgin milk thistle oil for the first time at BioFach 2017. This oil, pressed from the seeds of milk thistle, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and contains the sought-after ingredient silymarin. This makes it an oil which is exceptionally good for the health and an ideal addition to the BIO PLANèTE vitality oil range.

Cooking & Frying Oil with 20 % Ghee – Vegetable Oil with a Fine Buttery Taste (BioFach 2017)

February 15, 2017

BIO PLANèTE extends its range of highly heatable frying oils, presenting the new Frying Oil with Ghee at BioFach 2017. The product is a unique composition developed by Europe’s oldest organic oil mill. It combines the health benefits of a vegetable oil with the delicious taste of butter.

The German newspaper Lebensmittel Zeitung names BIO PLANèTE one of the top brands of 2016

July 11, 2016

Every year Lebensmittel Zeitung, the leading trade and business newspaper for the consumer goods sector in Germany, finds out which products German households prefer purchasing. A winning brand is identified in each food category to receive the “Top Brand of the Year” award. In the product group for cooking and salad oils, the brand BIO PLANèTE was named the top brand for 2016.

BIO PLANèTE Coconut Fat Mild 1 Liter Jar Is Now Available

March 31, 2016

Welcome to a new member of the BIO PLANèTE Coconut Family! After 400 ml, our popular organic BIO PLANèTE coconut fat is now also available in a 1 l container. The big size is especially convenient for heavy user like caterers, restaurants and natural cosmetic manufacturers.

Happy Birthday! We celebrate 10 years of BIO PLANèTE Coconut Oil

March 16, 2016

In 2016, we have a reason to celebrate: a whole decade of BIO PLANèTE virgin coconut oil. It is high time to take a close look at the exotic all-round talent.

BIO PLANèTE takes you to the Philippines in its new video

February 9, 2016

Already in 2006, as one of the first oil mills, BIO PLANèTE has established virgin organic coconut oil on the German market. This year, BIO PLANèTE Coconut Oil celebrates its tenth anniversary and is meanwhile highly appreciated for its outstanding quality and its fine taste well beyond the German borders. Watch our new video and experience how organic coconuts are cultivated, harvested, and made into coconut oil.

New Vitality Oils Chia, Inca Inchi & Black Cumin

November 2, 2015

With three novel BIO PLANèTE oils from chia-, inca inchi-, and black cumin seeds, the Oil mill Moog introduces a new generation of vitality oils this November. Owing to an excellent composition of fatty acids, already a small quantity of these virgin oils is a real treat for body, mind and well-being.