Le Man's Go-Kart in Subic Bay - Philippines

Le Man's Go-Kart in Subic is one of the exciting attractions you'll find in the Freeport Zone. It's quite easy to find since it's just right beside the Bicentennial Park. You'll find the track just along Rizal Highway near the Subic Bay marina. You may drive to the marina where the pleasure boats and yachts are berthed and just across the street is Le Man's. You'll hardly miss it since the track can be easily spotted from a distance.

Le Man's Go-Kart opens daily at 10am and closes at 7pm. There are various types of go-karts you can rent at different rates. Racers will usually get to go around ten laps for a fixed rate. At times those ten laps will be just quick round trips. A good kart racer can drive a racing kart and run one lap for only ten seconds. Of course, those who are new or not at par with this standard can go as fast as they can.

There are single and double seat go-karts, which are generally just for fun rides or test runs. Those who are experienced kart racers can opt for the racing kart models that can really zoom across the course in a matter of seconds. Various kart enthusiasts from all over the Philippines gather here for annual racing competitions.

Le Man's is also a great place to spend time with the whole family. It is not unusual to find families in line to try the karts and the challenge of the track. The karts here in Le Man's are safe enough even for children. The two seat karts are perfect for parents to supervise their kids on the track or just have a good time together with their young ones.

It would be advisable to come to Le Man's Go-Kart early if you don't want to wait in line. You'll find many Subic kart racing enthusiasts, friends, and families enjoying the glory and thrill of racing. You can get snacks while waiting for your turn and kids can have fun at the nearby playground in case they're not joining the race.

You can rent a fun kart, which are more like regular go-karts that even kids can use, for P250. Renting two-seater karts will cost you quite a bit more. The really fast racing karts, which are more suited for the pros, will cost you about P600 for the entire ten laps. Le Man's in Subic is a great fun attraction for those who want to experience the thrill of kart racing.



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