Half Moon Beach in Subic Bay - Philippines

The Half Moon Subic Beach is regarded as one of the finer beaches not just in Olongapo but in the whole region. Possessing a natural beauty uniquely its own, it should come as little wonder that more and more people are falling for its charms.

While the sands here are not white, they are still smooth, and in actual fact, the light beige color of the ground complements the light blue atmosphere and the clouds that line up the sky. Not too far away you can see from the distance the grey shadows that make up the mountain ranges, whose grey shades blend in with the waters in the farther ends of the Half Moon Subic Beach.

If you stand by the shore you can hear the quiet rustling of the waves from the distance, and listening to the sounds, and watching the shores far away can be a mesmerizing experience.

Right at your feet you can feel the sand as it meets the sea that rushes endlessly towards the land. Walking slowly into the cool, immaculate waters, you feel it refreshing you, a perfect contrast to the summer heat. Swimming along it is impossible not to feel reinvigorated by the environment around you. The serenity of the waters is complemented fully by the skies that shelter the whole Half Moon Subic Beach.

You can go to the place in the mornings or the afternoons, and the setting is just right. Spending your mornings here can be the perfect way to start the day, and one of the most exciting and captivating things that can be done is to watch the sun emerge in full bloom. The reverse is of course also true; after spending the whole day trekking or sightseeing, ending it at the beach can be a good way to cap the day.

The Half Moon Subic Beach is right along the National Highway, and the landmark next to it is the Ocean View Resort. When you see that resort the beach is nearby. Aside from that resort, there are now also several cottages in the area. The rent, on the average, is 300 Php, but there are also some that charge 500 Php. What a lot share in common is that they offer grilled food service, perfect for the beach. However it is also not uncommon to see folks bring their foodstuffs and have a picnic by the shore.

If you are tired of all the other beaches that you go to because they are always clogged with people, the Half Moon Subic Beach can be a fine alternative.



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