Magic Lagoon in Subic Bay - Philippines

Subics reputation as the premier destination of choice continues to attract people who simply want to unwind from the stressful city life and enjoy its white sand beaches, Nature preserves, wonderful flora and fauna, sports facilities and adventure sites. But regardless of their activity preferences, tourists, sportsmen, Nature lovers and adventurers alike share one thing in common--they love food. That is why Subic is also home to restaurants, eateries and bars that provide one of the most unique and outstanding culinary experience in this part of the country. One of these is Magic Lagoon Bar & Grill Restaurant, which aims to blend its food, service and ambiance with the overall theme of Subic and live up to its name by giving an enchanting dining experience to its guests.

How to Get There

Located along Rizal Highway at the Bicentennial Park near the Le Mans Go Kart Circuit right in front of the Subic Yacth Club, Magic Lagoon specializes in Filipino cuisine, seafoods and other grilled specialties. If you feel like having some midnight chow or a late night cap while youre in Subic, you dont have to languish in silence or sleep off your grumbling tummy inside your quarters because this dining place is open 24/7. You can even tote your laptop and check in on your favorite social network while sipping a cup of cappucino because it is a WiFi hot spot. If you are a fishing buff and would like to catch your own meal---no problem, because you can arrange to cast a fishing line at the lagoon. But dont let all these novel amenities and classy ambiance of Magic Lagoon deceive you because for as low as P300, you can enjoy Filipino delicacies such as grilled tilapia or tahong, calamares, kare-kare and tinolang manok.


If you decide to drop in on Magic Lagoon and sample its tasty treats by a table near the lagoon, be sure its after sundown, otherwise your food will get overcooked just sitting on top of your table---not to mention a bad case of sun burns for you. Also, be prepared for a dinner by the lagoon by giving yourself a rub of insect repellant because bodies of water breed not only fishes, but mosquitos and other insects as well. Try out the popular kinamatisang talakitok and if you love pork or beef, salpicao or sizzling sisig is great, especially if you wash these down with a frosty mug of beer. With your Subic adventure over and a full tummy, you can start looking forward to coming back next year and the years after.

For further particulars, you may visit or call Magic Lagoon Bar & Grill located at Building 716 Bicentennial Park, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines: Tel. No. (047} 252-1475. Dial the telephone number as they they appear in the foregoing if you are calling from within the Philippines. But if you are calling from outside the country, drop the zero and replace it with the country code, 63.



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