Meat Plus Restaurant in Subic Bay - Philippines

Meat Plus is a popular steakhouse in Subic offering different kinds of steaks like American Angus steak. Meat Plus started its operation when there was still a US Naval base in Subic back in the nineties. It first became popular among many American soldiers because of their delicious char-grilled steaks. Several restaurants closed down after the US soldiers left but Meat Plus still serves the public up to this day. They even expanded in Metro Manila with another restaurant called Tender Bobs which also offers steaks and other dishes.

Food Offered

Meat Plus serves steaks in varying sizes or cuts like porterhouse, t-bone, rib-eye and ground round as well as other dishes like pizzas, pasta dishes and hot soups. They also have a café where customers can have coffee after their meal. The best seller in Meat Plus is the Black Angus Steak in the rib eye cut cooked medium well.

The Price

The steaks in Meat Plus are priced from three hundred pesos up to four hundred pesos with vegetables, rice and a hot soup. The pastas are priced at two hundred fifty pesos up to three hundred pesos. They also have burgers and Filipino tapa made from Black Angus which costs one hundred fifty pesos up to three hundred pesos. Another best seller is the Lengua Estofado cooked with mushroom sauce which costs two hundred fifty pesos.

The Food

To order the famous Meat Plus Angus steak customers should first choose the size of the steak they want from the freezer. One steak costs five hundred pesos up to one thousand five hundred pesos. The rate for cooking the steak is ninety pesos and this includes the vegetables with butter and rice. The steak is char-grilled depending on the way the customers want it done. The cook will then let the customer choose from medium well, medium rare and well done before putting it in the grill. There are several choices of other main dishes, beverages and desserts. The prices of all the dishes in Meat Plus are reasonable because of the size of their serving. This is one of the best places where you can eat when you visit Subic.


Meat Plus can be found along Sampson Road in the Subic Freeport area. This restaurant is close to the Duty Free Shopping Center. It is open from Monday to Sunday at ten oclock in the morning up to nine oclock in the evening. You may call them at (047) 252-6090 or 252-7091 for booking and inquiries.



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