Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay - Philippines

Location and how to get there (locally)

Ocean Adventure is the home of exotic marine life in the Philippines. It is located at Camayan Wharf in the former US naval base now known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. To get there from Manila takes about 2 ½ - 3 hours by land transport. From the North Luzon Expressway, go to the San Fernando exit 65, and head for Olongapo City. When you see the Fall of Bataan monument at Layac, Bataan, turn right to go to Olongapo. Now go left to the TIPO Road Expressway. You will be entering Subic Bay Metropolitan Area. Turn right for Rizal Avenue, and once there turn left toward the Argonaut Highway.

Keep going past the Subic International Airport. When you reach a T-intersection make a left turn to Triboa Bay on the Corregidor Road. You will see the Naval magazine security gate. Enter and follow the signs that point you to Ocean Adventure / Camayan Wharf. Finally turn right and go down about 5 kilometers to the park.

What languages do they offer

All trainers, guides and lecturers speak fluent English and Tagalog.

Special courses

The main attractions here are the Subic dolphin shows that feature graceful bottle-nosed dolphins, false killer whales and sea lions. Diving enthusiasts can explore 9 shipwreck dive areas and 4 marine life dive sites. Various settings for encounters with exotic wildlife in the Philippines also offered, namely swimming, beach, diving, training and picture-taking encounters.


The first dive costs P1,250 and each additional dive goes for P1,000 with diving equipment included. Animal encounters can go as low as P350 for a picture with a sea lion, to P2,500 for a half hour in the water with dolphins and wh, P4,250 for diving with the animals (includes diving gear) to P5,350 for a training stint. All fees include park admission. A special offer lets you pay P3,000 a year for one person to get discounts, unlimited park visits and many privileges in both Ocean Adventure and its partner Camayan Beach Resort.

Other info.

Please note that you have to be a certified diver to be able to participate in Ocean Adventures diving programs. If you are not certified, the park has its own certification program. Some attractions also have a minimum age requirement for children.

Besides its shows, Ocean Adventure also works with government authorities and local groups to rescue and rehabilitate exotic wildlife in the Philippines that are sick, injured or captured by fishermen. Sauch as sea turtles, dugong, whales, dolphins, monkeys and reptiles. The park is also home to stray cats that are neutered and kept as pets in the park grounds. Despite this, the company has been criticized by local animal welfare groups for exploiting wild animals in their Subic dolphin shows. So if you are sensitive about these issues, keep that in mind.



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