Pier One Bar and Grill in Subic Bay - Philippines

If you're a huge music fan who enjoys live upbeat music then you'll love to be in Pier One Bar and Grill. The tradition of good food and good music has continued to this day and now this authentic grill has spread to other locations in the country. The ambience here speaks a lot about what this bar and grill is all about with live bands playing every night.

The place uses a centralized outsourcing system so it doesn't matter which bar in the Philippines you go to, you'll still get the same quality of food anywhere. Other than the regular Filipino cuisine, they have included Asian and continental dishes in their menu as well. The bar list is quite extensive, which makes it quite tempting to experiment on the drinks you haven't tried.

The Food

Pier One has a full course menu that highlights the best of Filipino cooking. From the simple garlic peanuts to the exotic crispy tenga (fried pig ears) or dinakdakan (grilled pork belly) you can easily get the feel of the regular Filipino drinking spree in the offing. Appetizers would cost from somewhere between P70 to more than P200.

Courses following may include Japanese favorites like sushi or sashimi, pizzas and other pasta, and the much loved Mexican food like tacos and nachos. You may want to try their soup options, which would be varied mix of seafood, vegetable, and other Filipino favorites like sinigang. Soup would cost from less than P200 to almost P300.

Vegetables and salads are pretty savory showing a mix of what's hot in the various provinces in the country. Enjoy pinakbet from the north, tinomok, ensaladang talong, and add chef's salad and Caesar salad to pitch in some foreign flavors. Salads cost from P105 to about P200.

If you're only looking for a light meal then Pier One has interesting options for you. If you're up for something local then you can try lumpiang sariwa (a vegetable wrap) or dinuguan at puto. You can also go for sandwiches if you fancy those like flame broiled burgers, chicken and clubhouse sandwiches, or a chili dog. Snacks cost from P135 to about P150.

For dessert in Pier One, you shouldn't miss out on the halo-halo, ice cream, tiramisu, sundaes, banana splits, and the all famous fruit platter. Some of them would make you quit your diet while some are innocent enough to try. Desserts here in Pier One cost from P40 to P180.

Location and Contact Info

Pier One in Subic is near many establishments. For instance, Vista Marina Hotel and the Lighthouse Hotel are close by along Waterfront Road. Here are the contact details for this bar and grill:

Address: Moonbay Marina, Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City

Phone: (047) 252-7097 to 98

Email: subic@pierone.com.ph

Web Site: www.pierone.com.ph

If you're into the tradition of good music dazzled with good Filipino food then try this old time bar and grill in Subic Bay.



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