Scuba Diving in Subic Bay - Philippines

If you have not yet gone scuba diving in Subic, you are missing out on one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Philippines. What makes this place truly exceptional and a haven for adventurers and explorers is its sheer variety.

There are literally scores of dive centers and sites to choose from. When you make a travel plan or a package tour be sure that exploring the waters of this place is included. If you are planning the itinerary on your own, you will want to include a dive underwater, as there is plenty to see and uncover. While there are some dive centers that present awesome sights and vistas of coral reefs and fishes, the most sought after are the shipwreck sites.

One of the places to go scuba diving in Subic for shipwreck enthusiasts will be the El Capitan which sunk off Ilanin Bay. What makes this place very popular is that you only have to go some 5 meters deep before you see part of the 3,000 ton ship. Aside from the ship you will also see it surrounded by coral reefs and assorted aquatic life forms.

For both beginning and experienced divers, the Oryo Maru is another excellent destination, as this Japanese ship has plenty of spots that make for good photography.

Not too far away is another World War II Japanese ship, the Seian Maru; the LST meanwhile, was a ship that crashed a year after the war ended; you can also check out the popular wreckages like the USS New York and USS Rochester, a small Japanese patrol vessel and the San Quentin. Those who go scuba diving in Subic love this, as it is one of the oldest, having been sunk during the Spanish-American War in 1898.

The cost varies depending on the type or techniques that you want to learn. However, if you just want the recreational or beginning courses, most dive shops and centers will start at $100 (5,000 Php). The other more advanced courses, like going through open water or taking photographs when underwater will start at $200. The costs however, may change depending on the exchange rate, and some shops offer discounts for group tours.

There are a lot of things that you can do when on a vacation in the Philippines, but if you love the waters, then scuba diving in Subic is one you would not want to miss out on.



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