Seafood by the Bay in Subic Bay - Philippines

For a chance to taste delicious seafood treats, people staying in Subic can easily go to Seafood by the Bay, a superior dining facility with lots of great-tasting specialties to offer. Situated at one of the finest spots in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this first-class restaurant uses a Chinese style of cooking to make the food really tasty, flavorful, and simply appetizing. Amongst its specialties are Sinigang, Kilawin, and Inihaw. Add to that, it also serves Adobo, which is made up of flavor-rich ingredients like peppercorns, bay leaf, and soy sauce. For customers who love soup, this Subic restaurant serves enticing Miso Soup, which contains key ingredients like soy bean curd.

Restaurant Specialties

In addition to all these in-house specialties, Seafood by the Bay in Subic has a lot more great-tasting food to offer. One of the heavy favorite amongst regular customers is Sweet and Sour, a special dish made up of onions, bell pepper, and pineapple. Another major dish that this Subic restaurant serves is Kilawin, which is basically a local delicacy comprised of nice, juicy, and tender meat dipped in a mixture onions, ginger, and vinegar. For healthier alternatives, customers can order either cold or hot salad filled with nutritious ingredients such as lettuce, fresh fruits, and mayonnaise. For those who want to dine inside this very nice and cozy restaurant, be sure to prepare a budget of at least 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos in order to enjoy its numerous delicacies.


Seafood by the Bay in Subic has a very inviting atmosphere, thanks to its friendly staff, fine interiors, as well as classy plates and utensils. It also has nice clean bathrooms, well-maintained floors, and many other outstanding features. This Subic restaurant is a highly conducive place for intimate and special occasions like dates, business meetings, and the like. Other notable dishes that customers can order at this place are Calamari, Hotpot with Sotanghon, and Halabos.


Seafood by the Bay in Subic is situated at a very convenient spot within Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This Subic restaurant is close to many premier hotels in the area including Courtyard Inn Subic, Camayan Beach Resort, and All Hands Beach Resort. At the same time, its customers can easily book at other inviting options such as Grand Seasons Hotel, Forest Hills Village Resort, and Grande Island Resort.

For special reservations, people can reach Seafood by the Bay staff in Subic through the telephone numbers (047)-252-1584 and (047)-252-8199. At the same time, people can learn many other great things about this Subic restaurant by logging on to its website



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