Subic Bay Free Port Zone - Philippines

The Subic Bay Free Port Zone, also simply known as Subic Bay, is one of the Philippines tax and duty free zones. It is operated by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. The area covered by the zone was formerly occupied by the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay. The area can be found in the southwest area of Luzon.

The Subic Bay Free Port Zone

This zone is surrounded by mountain ranges. Naturally, the area is largely protected from typhoons. It is also sheltered from the devastating effects of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. This free port zone is a part of the Central Luzon Region or Region III. The zone provides various services and products to the Central Luzon Development Program.

The Subic Bay Free Port Zone has a tropical climate. It is usually dry from November to May and rainy from June to October. It would be best then to visit the place during the dry seasons so you would be able to really enjoy the area. There are actually numerous places that you can visit in Subic.

The Subic Bay Free Port Zone Tourist Destinations

When visiting the Subic Bay, you should definitely try the Apaliin Trail if you want to discover the beauty of the Subic Forest. You would surely enjoy the view at the top of Apaliin Trail. You can also opt for Hill 394 which is the most popular peak in Subic. This peak offers breathtaking views of the whole zone.

You can also visit the Bat Kingdom where you will find yourself mesmerized by the thousands of fruit bats and bamboo bats. You can go fishing with your family and friends at the Bicentennial Park or go on a picnic at Camachile Park. You can enjoy some horseback riding sessions at the El Kabayo Equestrian Center. If you are tired of horseback riding lessons, you can turn to learning jungle survival techniques at the Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) Camp and Butterfly Garden.

There are still other numerous places that you can visit in the Subic Bay Free Port Zone. You can go to the Malawaan Pier, Mangrove Graveyard, Pastolan Aeta Village, Subic Bay Ocean Adventure, Triboa Bay Mangrove Park, Waterfront Boardwalk, Redondo Beaches and the Subic Beaches.

While in the Subic Bay Free Port Zone, you can choose to stay in the Subic International Hotel, Legenda Hotel, White Rock Beach Hotel, Grande Island Resort or the Subic Homes among others.

You will surely enjoy your stay and visit at the Subic Bay Free Port Zone. Since it is a tax and duty free zone, you will also enjoy purchasing items free of tax!



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