Subic Bay Golf and Country Club in Subic Bay - Philippines

There are a lot of fine golf courses in the Philippines, and certainly one of the finest, both in terms of scenic beauty and playability is the Subic Bay Golf & Country Club. This is true whether you are a casual player or a pro.

Not only does it have all the features of a professional course, but the surroundings also make it a very attractive place to relax. The greens are always well maintained and you can enjoy the view of the lush trees and mountains in the background.

Even if you do not play the game that often, you can still relish the beautiful environment. For those that love a good challenge the course will still present challenges thanks to the complex arrangements of the slopes, lakes and greens. Still the fun and relaxing atmosphere makes it enjoyable.

The Subic Bay Golf & Country Club is at B-6900 Binictican Drive at the Subic Bay Freeport and it is possible to make reservations. The rates are divided between a members guest and a hotel guest. For a members guest it is 1,200 Php on the weekdays and 1,500 Php on weekends for the green fee. For the golf cart it is 350 Php (9 holes) and 550 Php (18 holes). For a four seat it is 450 Php and 750 Php respectively.

For a hotel guest the green fee is 1,500 Php on weekdays and 2,000 Php in weekends. The charge for the golf cart is the same. For both types of guests at the Subic Bay Golf & Country Club there are other services that they may wish to avail of, including the following: golf club (400 Php), the driver (100 Php and umbrella (100 Php).

The cost of wood is 150 Php while iron and putter are both 100 Php. The caddies fee range from 250 to 350 Php and there is a grass cover area fee of 50 Php. A 60 minute game costs 100 and for half an hour it is 50 Php.

Surfing at the beach or diving at the wreck sites is always fun, but there will be times when you will just want to take it easy, and one of the best ways is to just play a few rounds of golf. At the Subic Bay Golf & Country Club, you can do not just that but also savor and relish the view.



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