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Although Subic beaches are not at par with the white sands of Boracay, they boast of their own unique attractions. Barrio Barretto is home to most of the resort style hotels found along its beaches. From the rooms, one can see a glimpse of the beaches along Subic Bay. This former naval base has got what it takes to make waking up in the morning and sleeping in the evening memorable.

One need not go outside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone as there are beaches located within which have small huts as well as basketball and volleyball courts. However, the Freeport Zone authorities have regulated the number of people who will go there. Guests will have to pay a minimal cost in order to have a feel of romance and attachment with nature.

Here are some of the viable destinations for people who are looking for Subic beaches.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach is one of the newest destinations in Subic Bay. After it was closed due to a legal dispute, Half Moon is now controlled by the city government and has opened it to the public.

Situated along the National Highway after Ocean View Resort. Although simple, Half Moon has its share of attractions. It has several cottages along the coast that may be leased for the whole day. The rates would range from 300 to 500 pesos.

It does not charge any entrance fee. The cottage area is excellent for grilling food since they can be rented. Guests would have to pass by a bamboo bridge running over a small stream.

Half Moon Beach is accessible from the Victory Liner station. Guests would need to ride the blue jeepney along the station. Another alternative is the Victory Liner going to Iba which passes through Half Moon. There is parking space but it is limited along the beach.

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Driftwood Beach

It’s among Subic beaches quite easy to locate. It’s right in the vicinity of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Camp 164 Adjacent to the Subic National Highway. This Subic scenic spot has been open to the public as a major beach front that local folks and tourists love to frequent. Driftwood affords the enjoyment of coastal kayaking, easy diving and snorkeling, leisurely swimming, and shore strolling. The calm waters make beautiful coral beds nearby accessible by mere snorkeling. Cottages for rent are available at the seawalls. Driftwood Beach has been enjoyed by the public for years and it would be interesting to read more about its beginnings as a Subic scenic spot and as among the picturesque Subic beaches.

There is limited parking space found on the National Highway. There are few cottages that are available for lease which are behind the seawalls.

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White Rock Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Subic Bay is White Rock. It offers other activities that will make family getaways a truly worthwhile experience. Aside from swimming, White Rock likewise provides opportunities for guests to play bowling, beach volleyball, and other sports.

Fitness buffs can take advantage of the fully-equipped health club. The spa gives guests the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of body and beauty treatments. White Rock Beach is privately-owned but it provides an excellent venue for swimming and snorkeling as well as feeding the fish in White Rock’s cove and marine sanctuary.

White Rock is a primary beach resort in the Philippines. Nestled in a 5.7 hectare property located along Subic Bay, White Rock is just an hour and a half away from Manila.

Indeed, a day spent in the beaches of White Rock will be something worth cherishing.

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Other Beaches

Aside from the Subic beaches mentioned above, there are other spots worth visiting in the area. Most of them are privately owned beaches that charge an entrance fee. Ocean View Beach, for instance, has an entrance fee of P120.

Skippers Beach and Christian Beach are other options. Arizona International Hotel and Resort is privately owned but guests can enter the beach for P250. This price is consumable for food and drinks.

In conclusion, Subic beaches boasts of attractions and activities that can give their guests a wonderful time and memorable experience.

Skippers Beach

Skippers Beach, Christian Beach, and Overview Beach are just some of the popular and beautiful Subic beaches in the vicinity of PNP Camp 164. PNP Camp 164 near the national highway is a sure landmark to get to skippers; tourists and visitors are sure to easily find their way. A posh hotel and resort near Skippers Beach asks a fee of Php 250 for entrance to their well managed beach front and swimming pools. Skippers Beach has been a Subic scenic spot that affords beach pleasure and fun activities to folks from all walks of life. Read more of its attractive features and sceneries.

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Christian Beach

This is one of the many Subic beaches that are growing and being developed. Even at this early stage it is already drawing in a lot of people thanks to its blend of verdant greenery, beautifully sculpted landscape, fresh air and the crystalline waters.

The sands on the shore may not be white, but they are still smooth, and the feeling you get while walking along the shore is truly unique and captivating. Watching the still waters, the quiet rustling of the greens and trees around you, coupled with the presence of the various rock promontories, gives the impression of being upon some earthly paradise, away from the hustle and chaos of city life.

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Dungaree Beach

This Subic beach was also known as Dog Beach during the times when the American military where staying at Olongapo, and it is easy to see why the place was such a hit, not just with servicemen but also tourists today. The view from the beach, when you are standing on the shores, can be breathtaking as the expanse of blue water seems endless, stretching beyond the mountains that surround it and blending together with the infinite cerulean sky.

The place can hold up to 500 people, and the limitation on the number makes it all the more enticing, as it allows everyone on this Subic beach to enjoy the views without too much noise.

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Camayan Beach

The Camayan Beach is a dainty little place where you can enjoy swimming, diving and more. Located at the resort bearing its name, it has become a favorite hangout of those that want to experience the beauty of nature and at the same availing of the various modern accommodations and facilities. As more people come and visit the site, the resorts and cottages continue to increase in number. At the same there is a limit to the number of people that can enter, which keeps the place clean and not too full.

This Subic beach has several cottages in the vicinity where guests can relax and relish the views. If you are on a tour of the Grande Island you will likely pass by this spot and see the majestic views of the mountains, as well as the resplendent aerial show that goes on as the sun goes down.

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All Hands Beach

All Hand Beach has often been called “Everybody’s Beach” and with good reason. Being able to accommodate more than 1,500 people it is where folks go to have fun, swim, dive, build sandcastles, play beach ball and more. When you visit the place it is always marked by a lot of activity, and is the perfect spot for those that want to have a lot of fun with their friends. This Subic beach, with its attractive trees in the background, clear skies and cool waters, remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area.

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