Subic Education - Philippines

Being a free-port area, short-courses are more effective in Subic due to the need for technicians and skills manpower. However, there are also traditional colleges that offer 4-year courses. Here are some Subic colleges in Zambales.

Lyceum of Subic Bay

Formerly National College of Science and Technology, Lyceum in Subic started in June 2003 with much challenges. This new Subic college in Zambales began with only 5 air-conditioned classrooms, a computer lab, an HRM lab, and a small library with an initial 260 students, 15 of which were scholars. It faced the severe task of competing with other quality schools in the area. It is known for its outstanding courses on customs administration and HRM.

Mondriaan Aura College

This Subic college in Zambales started in 1993 with 14 faculty members and some 88 students. After 16 years, it grew to a 1500-strong student population with courses on engineering, nursing, and a graduate school. It is among promising Subic colleges that have the potential to grow further and make it as among top schools in the country.

SBMA Law Enforcement Academy

Located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this unique Subic college offers courses on law enforcement and anti-terrorism, particularly on bomb threat awareness. This Subic college in Zambales is supervised by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA.

Subic Bay College

This Subic college is in the Victory terminal along Anonas Street in west Bajac-Bajac. It offers courses on HRM, call center services, care-giving, medical transcription, seafaring and stewarding, computer programming or technology, network technology, and nursing assistance, among others. This Subic college in Zambales also offers computer secretarial course, data encoding, and electrical and electronics technology. The short courses offered range from 100 hours to 6 months to 2 years.

Subic Bay Institute of Technology

Found along the National Highway in Matain in Subic, this Subic college in Zambales offers 2-year courses on computer programming, computer secretarial, and electronics and computer technology. This school is among those under TESDA accreditation.

The Thomasites Center for International Studies, Inc.

Located in Crown Peak Gardens in Upper Cubi, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this Subic college in Zambales specializes in the English language. Offering advanced module, intermediate module, and pre-intermediate module English courses for 120 hours each, the school aims to produce graduates competent in spoken and written English.

Kolehiyo ng Subic

This school offers two-year courses in Computer Science, Computer Secretarial, Computer Technician, and Hotel and Restaurant Services. This Subic college in Zambales is found Wawandue, Subic.

Philippine College of Modern Technology

Offering courses raging from 6 months to 2 years, this Subic college in Zambales has courses on professional or advanced computer technology, comprehensive computer programming, Information Technology or IT, basic computer operation, and a course on care-giving. It is found also in Wawandue, Subic.

World Aviation Corporation

TESDA accredited, this is where aspiring plane pilots study aviation and train for actual flights. This Subic College in Zambales offers Commercial Ground Pilot Course and Private Pilot’s Ground Course. It is found in the Subic Bay International Airport compound.

COMTEQ Computer and Business College

Found in the Subcom area of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this Subic college in Zambales offers courses in Advanced Computer Maintenance, Computer Graphics, 3-D Animation and Multi-media, Computer Hardware Technology, Programming, Computer Science and Secretarial, PC-Based Accountancy, Electronics and Computer technology, Electronics Technology, and Industrial electricity.

It also offers a Call Center Finishing Course, Mass communication and Multi-media Technology, Network Administration, Medical Transcription, Hotel and restaurant Services, and Office Productivity, among others.

Subic Colleges in Zambales mostly offer short and long term courses relevant to the needs of the times and to the employment opportunities available in the locality.



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