Subic Hospitals - Philippines

Naval Regional Medical Center

This infirmary complex started to operate in 1956 as a simple US Navy Station Hospital at the Subic Bay area. It was the main US naval hospital facility in the Philippines. Later, in 1973, several expansions were made so that in 1977 the hospital turned into the Naval Regional Medical Center, among complex and modern Subic hospitals in Zambales in the Asian region. In 1992, following the non-renewal of the RP-US military bases agreement, the hospital complex was abandoned by the American forces.

George Dewey Medical Center

Also known as GDMC, this new 50 –bed infirmary is among Subic hospitals in Zambales seeking Tricare health care insurance accreditation to attract US veterans as part of boosting tourism in Subic. It is operated by some local investors headed by a Subic resident. Aside from this medical center the local group plans to have a future retirement place in the area and a medical and nursing school. It used to be called Subic Bay Medical Center.

Baypointe Hospital and Medical Center

The Moonbay Marina near the Kalaklan Bridge right in the Central Business District of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone is where this 4-storey hospital is found. It is one of the most sophisticated Subic hospitals in Zambales with state-of-the-art infirmary facilities to provide Luzon folks and foreigners excellent medical and health care services. This is a 100-bed tertiary hospital with first-class wellness and SPA facilities, a chapel, classy suites and family rooms, and a multi-purpose conference room, among others. This hospital hopes to take advantage of the medical tourism being pushed in the country to attract foreigners to spend their hospitalization treatments in the country for cheaper but competitive medical and health care services.

TotalMED Health Center

Also known as World Citi Medical Center, it provides complete medical and health care, especially wellness surgery and similar treatments. It’s not just like typical Subic hospitals in Zambales because it also affords fitness activities and programs plus posh accommodations and booking online. Clients can get accommodations even for fitness purposes. It is also known as a multi-special and ambulatory center with a unique hospital care service.

Lifeline Medical Center

Established in 2006, this is one of the Subic hospitals in Zambales with a heart for war veterans and their families to have quality medical and health care services. It vows to make hospitalization scams, bogus hospital billings, and other sham health care practices things of the past. It has some 30 competent doctors with expertise in various medical fields, some of which are general medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, nephrology, pediatrics, and urology. Other medical and office staff of this hospital are equally committed to bring excellent services to their patients.

To further afford quality services, Subic hospitals in Zambales should have facilities like radiology, rehabilitation, labs, ultrasound equipments, and even optometry and ophthalmology clinics as well as pharmacies. All these Lifeline Medical Center has. Of course, its more important feature is the professional and warm attitude of all the staff to the patients.

As far as hospital billing is concerned Lifeline is among Subic hospitals in Zambales with computerized accountancy and billing and patient tracking systems. The Subic Bay Freeport Zone where this hospital is located is a highly technical and computerized area affecting this infirmary in a positive manner. Aside from this, this is one of Subic hospitals in Zambales that have ample car parking.

Central Luzon in the Philippines affords competitive Subic hospitals in Zambales that can compete with even the best in this part of Asia. Excellent medical and health care services need not be possible only from a distant land anymore.



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