Subic International Hotel in Subic Bay - Philippines

Situated along Santa Rita Road, Subic International Hotel is known for its convenient location, dedicated staff, and world-class facilities, which are the key ingredients to provide guests luxurious living. This four-star Subic hotel has a business center, which contains lots of useful features including photocopying machines, computers, and printers. At the same time, businesspersons can easily accomplish all their tasks and assignments with the help and assistance of the friendly and highly efficient secretaries. At the health club, people can find many different services available including invigorating massages and even beauty treatments.

Subic International Hotel also has a number of leisure and recreational facilities. First, it has a very nice swimming pool where hotel guests and visitors can unwind, relax, and have fun. Secondly, it also showcases a videoke bar that features Japanese, Filipino, and other Asian songs. Thirdly, various dining establishments are available inside such as Diamond Villa Restaurant and Bar, Golden Dragon Restaurant, and Golden Tea House, which offer an assortment of great-tasting dishes and refreshing drinks. Other notable restaurants found inside this Subic hotel are Terrace Café, Café Subic, and Subic Fiesta.

The guestrooms at Subic International Hotel are categorized into three different types, namely Alpha Rooms, Delta Rooms, and Bravo Rooms. Counting all of these rooms, there are 284 available suites and deluxe rooms for guests, all of which feature spacious beds, beautiful furniture, and carpeted floors. IDD telephone lines, mini-refrigerators, and cable TV sets are few of the other convenient and fascinating amenities found inside its guestrooms. Bravo Rooms cost 2,499 pesos each, while Delta Rooms cost a little more with daily rates starting at 3,999 pesos.

Subic International Hotel is situated along Santa Rita Road in Subic, which is just a few minutes ride to Subic Bay Golf and Country Club. Likewise, this Subic hotel is also found just blocks away from Casino Filipino, Duty Free shops, and beaches. For those who prefer dining out of the hotel, there is a variety of available food service providers near the hotel including Fridays Sports Bar and Grill, Grande Island Restaurant, and Light House Sands Restaurant. Moreover, they can also find commercial establishments, banks, and retail shops all over the surrounding areas of this fine hotel facility.

The official website of Subic International Hotel is, while its email addresses are and Meanwhile, hotel reservations and inquiries can also be made by calling the phone line (047)-252-2222. People can also send messages through this Subic hotels fax number (02)-243-0852 and (02)-243-0853.



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