Subic Hotels and Resorts - Philippines

Situated deep within the beautiful province of Zambales, the fascinating municipality of Subic is home to numerous wonderful hotels and resorts that primarily aim to boost the ever-growing tourism industry in the area. These wonderful facilities and hospitality service providers provide topnotch services, highly affordable rates, and world-class facilities for everyone, both for foreign and local tourists alike. Inside these beautiful places, people can feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable as they journey into the various exciting tourist attractions within the area.

Shavens Resort

Shavens Resort is a three-star resort hotel along Baloy Beach within Subic Bay in Olongapo City, which is known for its extensive services and inviting amenities. One of the remarkable facilities inside this Subic resort hotel is its fine dining restaurant, which specializes in continental, Filipino, and Thai delicacies. Occasionally, the restaurant also serves Italian, Korean, and Japanese dishes. Meanwhile, to experience comfort, guests are encouraged to stay in any of the place’s guestrooms, which are classified generally as Medium Rooms and Large Rooms, with prices standing somewhere in between 1,300 pesos to 2,500 pesos the most. All of its rooms have mini-bars, cable TV sets, and air-conditioning systems.

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Blue Rock Resort

Blue Rock Resort is an amazing hospitality service provider in Subic that offers people great fun and joy with its great facilities, efficient services, and inexpensive accommodations. This two-star Subic resort hotel features a floating bar with lots of sexy women serving all types of special cocktails, wines, and beers. For diving enthusiasts, this place also has its very own world-class dive shop with snorkel classes for beginners and complete scuba instructions. Available rooms include Back Rooms, Standard Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms. Other grander room options are also available such as Deluxe Back Rooms, Superior Rooms, and Executive Rooms. The room prices start at 1,155 pesos during low season, while it may go up to 1,375 pesos during high season. All of these cozy guestrooms have refrigerators, hot water, and cable TV sets.

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Johans Beach Resort

Found along Midway Baloy Long Beach within Barrio Barretto in Subic, Johans Beach Resort is a remarkable two-star lodging facility that offers quality hotel accommodations. This Subic resort hotel has a 24-hour restaurant and bar that serves delicious Asian and European menus including homemade oven pizzas, curry dishes, as well as cold salads and vegetables. It also hosts a bakery and an ice cream parlor for sumptuous and appetizing snacks. Inside this hotel resort, people can expect superb accommodations at super affordable prices, standing somewhere in between 700 pesos to 2,500 pesos only. Its guestrooms are equipped with electric stoves, DVDs, and microwave ovens.

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Days Inn Suites Hotel

Located along Bohol Road at Upper Cubi Point, Days Inns Suites Hotel is truly a nice place to stay in Subic Bay as it offers an excellent location where tourists and guests can relax, have fun, as well as enjoy while exploring the surrounding areas. Comprised of 88 beautiful, clean, and elegant rooms, the place is perfect for people who want to experience the best hotel accommodations at super reasonable prices. Cable television sets, safety deposit boxes, as well as air-conditioning systems are some of its outstanding basic in-room amenities. At the same time, the place also has a nice restaurant, a vibrant nightclub, and a cozy coffee shop. For those who love to swim, it also offers outdoor and indoor pools for everyone to enjoy. Inside this convenient location, the basic room rates usually stand somewhere in between 1,979 pesos and 4,420 pesos.

Subic Park Hotel

Another popular hotel in Subic that accommodate tourists and travelers, Subic Park Hotel takes pride in its well maintained leisure amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a relaxing bar, and a cozy restaurant. Visitors can also try any of the extensive services that this three-star hospitality service provider offers like transfer service, housekeeping service, and laundry service. The hotel has three types of rooms that feature amenities like a personal refrigerator, a bathroom with hot and cold shower, as well as a television set with cable channels. People who want to occupy Standard Rooms and Deluxe Rooms should have 2,500 to 3,500 pesos as budget, while those who stay Oceanfront Rooms should allot at least 4,250 pesos a night.

Found at Moonbay Marina along Waterfront Road within Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Park Hotel is a grand hospitality service provider that offers some of the best hotel rooms in the area.

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Subic International Hotel Corporation

As a four-star hotel in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic International Hotel Corporation surely provides first-rate accommodations and world-class services. Starting from 2,600 pesos to 6,500 pesos, tourists in the place can enjoy a day at this outstanding hospitality service provider. Accommodation rates include free use of some of its leisure amenities like sauna, gym, and swimming pool. Besides these amenities, guests can expect helpful services such as transportation service, babysitting service, and currency exchange service. For those who will occupy guestrooms at Subic International Hotel Corporation, they can enjoy different amenities including a small sofa set, comfortable dining set, and a breezy balcony.

Situated along Santa Rita and Labitan Roads in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic International Hotel Corporation is a high-class hospitality service provider that offers a grand total 287 highly luxurious guestrooms, including Alpha Rooms, Bravo Rooms, and Delta Rooms. In terms of facilities, the place is equipped with the finest, latest, and state-of-the-art amenities that include an Olympic-size swimming pool, a videoke bar, and a mini-gymnasium. This hotel also hosts outstanding food service providers such as Terrace Café, Golden Tea House, and Diamond Villa.

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White Rock Beach Resort Hotel

Located at Barangay Matain in the municipality of Subic, White Rock Beach Resort Hotel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire province of Zambales. In here, tourists and guests can choose any of the numerous exciting Beachfront Garden Rooms, beautiful Deluxe Rooms, and world-class Standard Rooms available. This luxurious hotel owns a couple of topnotch food service providers such as Plaza Bar and Grill and Sunset Café, which offer a perfect blend of great-tasting food and outstanding entertainment.

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Grand Seasons Hotel

Found along Canal Road within Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Grand Seasons Hotel is another brilliant hospitality service provider that offers outstanding services, first-class accommodations, and affordable room rates. For as much as $70 to $225, tourists and guests can already have the time of their lives an any of the available guestrooms inside this fine place including Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Garden Suites. For better accommodations, they may also want to try any of the available Junior Suites, Executive Suites, and Paradise Suites. In terms of dining, this hotel features outstanding restaurants such as Four Seasons Restaurant and Feng Huang Restaurant.

Grande Island Resort

Situated along Waterfront Road within Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Grande Island Resort is a perfect place to enjoy, relax, and have fun while exploring the wonderful sights and attractions in the municipality of Subic. Inside this topnotch hotel, tourists and guests can select from its outstanding lineup of special guestrooms such as Chalets, Hotel Rooms, and Honeymoon Suites. Room rates usually start from as low as $100 for Hotel Rooms, $150 for Chalet Rooms, and $220 for Hotel Suites. This hotel owns several spacious function rooms, each of which is perfect for huge gatherings and special occasions such as weddings, conferences, and business meetings.

Grande Island is located on an island 20 minutes away from Olongapo City by ferry. There are 80 chalets and 15 rooms in all, each with its own balcony, air-conditioning, a “solar heated” shower water and other amenities. Prices of ordinary goods may be high. It does not seem to be one of the better-kept Subic resorts, but if you’re open for an adventure full of surprises (not always pleasant), you might want to try it. To make sure you get the best value hotel deals in Subic, ask friends and other tourists for their feedback first.

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Venezia Hotel

Hotels and resorts in Subic are mostly tourist class lodges like Venezia, which is located along Canal Road in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone itself. Rooms here are spacious enough for travelers—not too big or too small—with bedrooms and living rooms. Each unit has central air-conditioning, a CRT TV set, plus an LCD TV set in each bedroom. A regular room costs US $75 a night, no breakfast included. Spending a vacation in Subic at Venezia means enjoyment of an electronic casino, the nearby night market, access to Olongapo, and adjacent restaurants aside from the Venezia restaurant.

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Club Morocco

To enjoy a longer vacation in Subic, try Club Morocco, which is in the neighborhood of other world-class beach hotels and resorts in Subic. It’s just a 30-minute drive away from the Subic Freeport, the former naval base, and near the national highway. And Subic folks are likely familiar with Club Morocco so tourists are sure never to get lost along the way. It’s a sprawling 240-hectare resort community with a Mediterranean character. It affords the best adventure in fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, and diving. It has fully air-conditioned twin rooms, suites, villas, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, a gym, and pools.

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Kokomos Subic

Uniquely themed beachside bedrooms connected to terraces looking out to the sea—these special rooms found in Kokomos are among posh and unique in hotels and resorts in Subic. It has an interesting snack bar and a well-stocked cocktail counter and service. Guests enjoy the unique Treasure Island wide-ranging menu that serves different local and foreign dishes. They also love the swimming pool, swim up bar, roomy and airy deck, and Jacuzzi. Kokomos’ 10 rooms with 2 spacious bungalows (each with a big Jacuzzi) are among the best in the locality and makes a vacation in Subic very relaxing and memorable.

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Arizona Resort

Tourists will never miss this charming resort in Barrio Baretto. When scouting for hotels and resorts in Subic to spend a vacation in Subic in, this Mexican style resort has a hotel amid big white walls. It has a fantastic beach front with fascinating swimming areas and pools. It has a restaurant serving local and international dishes, and a Mai Tai bar that serves various beverages. The special grill area overlooking the beach makes strolling at the shore or simply idling on the sand a delicious, mouth-watering leisure moment. The upper patio area provides a panoramic ocean scene.

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Wild Orchid Beach Resort

With its 83 tourist class rooms, Wild Orchid is a good place for big groups eyeing the vicinity of Subic Bay as a venue for a vacation in Subic. Like world class hotels and resorts in Subic, Wild Orchid has modern amenities and facilities like air conditioned rooms, phone and high-speed Internet connections, LCD cable TV in each room, room safes, DVD players, prolific bars, laundry and massage services, and of course, the halls and conference rooms. Rooms cost from Php 3,099 to Php 4,899 a day.

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Marina Vista Hotel

Situated within the Moonbay Marina Area along Waterfront Road in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Marina Vista Hotel is a four-star hospitality service provider with lots of great features and services to offer. Its facilities include a round-the-clock business center with fax machine, photocopying machine, and computer printers. At the same time, it has the spacious Meridienne Hall where hotel guests can hold all sorts of important events. Furthermore, everyone will definitely fall in love with its beautiful Ibizza Pool. Add to that, it has an in-house dining facility called Marista Restaurant and Bar, which serves delectable international and local delicacies. This place offers luxurious Deluxe Rooms for a starting price of only $108, inclusive of fine in-room amenities such as bathtubs, private balconies, and mini-bars.

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Subic Majestic Hotel

Another wonderful first-class hotel located at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Majestic Hotel is an affordable, homey, and convenient place to rest, unwind, and relax. This classy three-star hotel has a highly accessible location, with various room options including Deluxe Rooms, Superior Rooms, and Standard Rooms. Room rates range from 2,500 pesos to 4,100 pesos. It has an inviting hotel lobby where the staff courteously receives incoming guests. At the same time, it features cozy guestrooms complete with beautiful interiors, wooden floors, and stylish lighting. Furthermore, this classy hotel has an enormous banquet facility where special events can be held including wedding receptions, birthday parties, and even business conferences.

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Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort is found along Baloy Long Beach within Barrio Barretto in Olongapo City, which is just a short distance from Subic proper. This place is an amazing resort with lots of great features and facilities such as Buccaneer Bar and Dryden’s Restaurant. In addition, this Subic resort has other amazing things to offer its guests including a swim-up bar, which serves special cocktails and other impressive mix of local and imported alcoholic drinks. Likewise, people can relax at its spacious Jacuzzi. Available room accommodations at this resort are Double Rooms, Family Rooms, Pool-Front Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms. For more details about this place, send emails thru, or simply call the telephone number (047)-223-8890.

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White Rock Beach Hotel and Resort

White Rock Beach Hotel and Resort is another highly impressive hospitality service provider found within Bo. Matain in Subic. Primarily a four-star Subic resort hotel, this place offers different kinds of room accommodations including Beach Cottages, Beachfront Suites, and Deluxe Rooms, with prices ranging from 5,800 pesos to 13,800 pesos. Its major features include a spa and wellness center, a number of function rooms, and capacious meeting facilities. When it comes to food, guests can count on this hotel resort’s Sunset Café and the Plaza, which offer offers fine-dining and memorable experiences for everyone. Of course, this place is more than just business as it has a number of recreational facilities to offer including water slides, scuba diving, and playground pool. Other exciting events and activities that guests must never fail to miss are jet skiing, banana boat rides, and Frisbee.

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Legenda Hotel

Considered as the only five-star hospitality service provider situated along the Waterfront Road within the area of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines, Legenda Hotel is very proud to offer extensive services and outstanding amenities to everyone who visits the place. Tourists can surely have a good time inside this hotel because it has numerous facilities including a rejuvenating swimming pool, a classy beauty salon, as well as a relaxing health spa and fitness center. This elegant hotel also plays home to several fine dining restaurants such as Museum Chinese Restaurant, Lobby Lounge, and Le Café. For the accommodations, Legenda Hotel has two types of guestrooms, namely Deluxe Rooms and Superior Rooms. Moreover, the suites are categorized into four types, which are Paradise Suites, Junior Suites, Seaview Suites, and Executive Suites. Rates start from 5,000 pesos to 17,000 pesos a night.

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By the Sea Resort

Situated along National Highway within the area of Baretto at Subic Bay in Olongapo City, Zambales, By the Sea Resort features leisure amenities including volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts. This three-star hotel in Subic also offers free use of some equipment for water sports like banana boat, jet ski, and pedal boat. Guestrooms at this place are categorized into nine types, which include Double Deluxe Room, Suite, and Parkview Room. Groups composed of eight to twelve persons are also allowed to occupy or rent Vacation Villa I and Vacation Villa II. The rooms and villas are fully air-conditioned for the convenience and comfort of everyone. Rates at the rooms start from 1,200 pesos to 3,950 pesos, while rates at the villas range from 6,000 pesos to 7,800 pesos.

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Legenda Suite

Found along Waterfront Road in Subic Bay, Legenda Suite is an impressive hospitality service provider that offers people safe, convenient, and luxurious place to relax, have fun, and unwind. It has a number of classy restaurants including Neptune Disco and Karaoke Club, Museum Chinese Restaurant, and Le Café. At the same time, this Subic hotel is also great for holding special events like business meetings and other social gatherings as it features different types of spacious function rooms such as Fortune Legend, Garden Terrace, and Supreme Legend. Meanwhile, it also has impressive recreational facilities including a KTV bar, a disco, and a health spa. Its guestrooms have wireless Internet access, pay-per-view movies, and mini-bars. Room options include Seaview Suites, Executive Suites, and Paradise Suites, with prices ranging from 4,950 pesos to 16,500 pesos.

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Lighthouse Marina Resort

Situated at Moonbay Marina Complex along Waterfront Road, Lighthouse Marina Resort is probably one of the nicest and most captivating Subic hotel resorts today. This place is loaded with outstanding facilities like elevators, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, and function rooms. Furthermore, this hotel also showcases a boutique shop, a karaoke bar, and a mezzanine lounge. In terms of rooms, it features super fine amenities including private verandas, king-sized beds, and state-of-the-art LCD television sets. Amongst the available room accommodations are Aqua Spa Suites, Aqua Verandas, and Aqua Terraces. Prices inside this three-star hotel run from 6,000 pesos to 9,000 pesos only.

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Mountain Woods

Located along Entremedor Street within West Kalayaan in Subic Bay, Mountain Woods is a three-star lodging facility with lots of great features such as meeting facilities and banquet facilities. Simultaneously, this Subic hotel also has a variety of recreational facilities including hiking trails, campsites, and an infinity pool. Its enjoyable game area features super fun activities and sports like table tennis, chess, and billiards. Furthermore, it also has an exclusive bar and restaurant for the dining pleasures of its visitors and guests. Rates for Standard Rooms are set at 3,200 pesos each, Deluxe Rooms 3,400 pesos, while Suites cost somewhere around 4,200 pesos to 9,800 pesos.

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Punta de Uian

Punta de Uian is another amazing Subic hotel resort facility that offers people access to special features like Jacuzzis, iPod speakers, and wireless internet connectivity. This three-star hospitality service provider also offers sports packages, scuba diving, and special tour packages. Standard Rooms, Garden View Rooms, and Mountain View Rooms are amongst the available room types, while guests can also stay at other room options such as Deluxe Rooms, Suites, and Family Villas.

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Vascos Hotel

Another dependable hospitality service provider in Subic is Vascos Hotel, which is a two-star lodging facility that offers inexpensive rates, outstanding services, and comfortable accommodations. It has an in-house dining facility that serves both local and international delicacies. Its telephone numbers are (047)-252-1845 and (047)-252-1843. People can find this Subic hotel at Lot-14 Argonaut Highway.

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Bayfront Hotel

Travelers on a budget will probably find Bayfront Hotel to be among the best value hotel deals in Subic. As its name suggests, the hotel is situated facing the bay to give tenants a magnificent view of the sea and sunset. The hotel currently has 23 superior and 15 deluxe units. Each room has a balcony so you can go out and enjoy the view, in addition to an air-conditioning system, cable television, private bath, coffee-making facility, a mini-bar, IDD/NDD phone, a hair dryer, and a safe. The rooms are built around a modest swimming pool. Room rates start at US$49/night. Located near SBMA Headquarters and the bay walk.

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Camayan Beach Resort

This resort offers a quiet escape to Subic beach. It hosts 44 deluxe rooms and 1 executive unit. The deluxe rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, cable television, private bath with hot/cold water, ceiling fan, sitting room, closet and 24-hour standby generator. Special features of the executive suite include plasma and color TV sets, living room, closet, full bath with Jacuzzi and more. Enjoy the cool sea breeze as you dine at the open-air Coral Cave Bar and Grill restaurant. Nearby is the Ocean Adventure park (owned by the same company) if you want to see Subic’s exotic animals. Camayan Beach Resort is a good distance from shopping malls, restaurants and other places of convenience.

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Courtyard Inn

There is nothing fancy about this hotel, but it delivers nonetheless. Dine in the Aresi Bar and Restaurant for some well-made pasta, steak or pizza. Other amenities are: a children’s playground, business center for your paperwork and computer needs, gift shop and jet ski and other sports rentals. All of their rooms are equipped with cable television, mini refrigerator or bar, local dial telephone, and hot and cold water. Deluxe units are good for 2 people and the executive suite can accommodate up to 4 persons. Excellent staff service.

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Boardwalk Inn and Restaurant

Found along Waterfront Road within Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Boardwalk Inn and Restaurant is a rather simple hotel facility that offers reasonable rates, comfortable accommodations, and a highly convenient location. The in-house restaurant primarily serves tasty Filipino snacks and meals. Prices for its rooms start at 1,320 pesos, with fine amenities like comfy beds, private bathrooms, and cable television sets for the enjoyment, pleasure, and convenience of all its valued visitors and guests. For people who want to book in advance or make special reservations, they can reach the staff of this Subic resort hotel through the phone numbers (047)-252-3995, (047)-252-3023, and (047)-252-2893. They can also send special requests to the fax number (047)-252-3994.

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