Subic Shopping Guide - Philippines

Subic shopping before was quite special because the products were considerably cheaper than what you would find in regular retail outlets. With the Congress lifting Subic’s tariff exemptions, store owners are forced to increase prices in order to survive. Despite the lifting of the exemption, however, you can still do a lot of shopping in Subic. Do not expect huge malls in the area; although, there are relatively nice malls in Subic.

You will still find American stores in Subic, but there is a noticeable decrease in number of these stores. Indeed, American stores have not completely left Subic. One of these stores is the American Hardware where you can find household products and other items as well. They accept the US dollar and peso.

Subic shopping offers varied products and services that you will definitely enjoy. For instance, if you are craving for steaks, you can always visit the Meta Shop or the Bretto’s. Both stores carry the freshest meat like steaks, sausage, beef and chicken. You can also visit the National Bookstore if you are looking for informative materials, school supplies and books. You will also find several convenience stores, like Uncle Ed’s, scattered all over Subic.

If you are in need of clothes, jeans or shirts, you can always visit Guess Jeans. This outlet is fairly popular. Since the removal of the Tariff’s exemptions, however, you will not enjoy the same cheap prices people have enjoyed before. This store is not big, but they carry great products. People would usually flock to this store when it puts up a sale.

If you are on a tight Subic shopping budget, you can go to Pure Gold Duty Free Mall for your shopping needs. You can liken this mall to Manila’s Pure Gold Malls because you will basically find the same items being sold inside. Pure Gold Mall, however, caters to the lower-income group. This is why it is a perfect choice if you are on a budget, but do not expect luxurious items inside; however, you will find basic products like M&M’s, Revlon, Mars and so on.

You can also visit the Freeport Exchange Mart for some Subic shopping. This mall caters to the C and D market. It is basically for people who are in-between tight and loose budget. You will find a wide selection of products. There are sporting goods, groceries, clothes and a lot more. People usually visit this mall for overruns, branded products that are slightly damaged. These are basically products that have been outsourced for cheap labor by brands like Ralph Lauren, Gap, Chaps, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Now, if you can afford expensive items, you can do some Subic shopping at the Royal Subic Duty Free. This is actually the biggest mall in the area. It is owned by Rustan’s Corporation. It is a well-stocked mall that offers popular brands like Havianas and Lacoste. This mall caters to the A market. If you are going to shop here, be prepared to max out your credit card.

Over the years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of Koreans residing in the area. Accordingly, Subic shopping also offers a taste of Korean products as well. One of the popular Korean stores in the area is the Arirang Mart. It is actually a mini-mart that has become a symbol of the increasing presence of Korean nationals in the country. This store primarily caters to expatriates residing in Subic as well as the South Korean employees or workers of the Hanjin Shipping Corporation. Of course, you can always go in and purchase Korean items. They have seasonings, beers, ginseng, kimchi and other products that are purely Korean.

These stores are just some of the few that you would find when you do some Subic shopping. They cater to various kinds of people. So, it doesn’t matter how much you can afford, you can always find a store in Subic that will definitely suit your budget.



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