Subic Extreme Adventure Park in Subic Bay - Philippines

Extreme Adventure is usually equated with an adrenaline rush. Extreme Adventure is also the name of a facility in Subic where the brave can do activities usually done by the military for training. This place is filled with unusual activities you can do that will require agility and power.

Location and Cost

Extreme Adventure Park is located inside the Subic Bay Metropolitan Area. This facility is in the Freeport zone near the upper MAU FSC Tourism office. For three hundred pesos you will enjoy an adventure on a canopy slide and hanging bridge. Guests will also enjoy viewing the natural beauty of the park. Guests can also enjoy wall climbing for an additional fee.

What to See

The activities at this park are ideal for groups like for a corporate teambuilding projects. Most of the guests are employees of a company who aim to foster their bond with one another as one firm. People can choose which activities they prefer or do all of the challenges. The challenges are made for encouraging teamwork and courage among the participants and to enhance trust with one another. Other activities in this adventure park can be done individually as well.

There are guides at each challenge in the park and they are fully equipped to assist all the guests. They underwent trainings and developed sufficient patience to perform their job as guides. There are safety equipment as well like ropes, cables and harnesses because safety is the first priority of the facility. Extreme Adventure Park takes all necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

There are several activities you can do inside the Extreme Adventure Park. There are activities that are easy for everyone and there are others that are considered intense. Challenges made for groups challenge the interpersonal behavior of the members.

1. Canopy slide - Guests can climb a staircase leading to top of a high tree. You climb with the harness and the guide connects the person to the cable. The participants will walk one hundred meters and then slide to a canopy of foliage.

2. Hanging Bridge - This is an adventure where participants are attached to a cable. They walk on a bridge with slates made of wood that is suspended over the jungle. The height of the bridge from below is one hundred feet. Participants need to cross this hanging bridge to slide on the next canopy.

3. The Wall - This is a wall where a team should work together to get to the opposite side.

4. Trust Fall - This activity is done on a platform that is elevated where the participant and the instructor stand. The participant should be able to fall with his back facing his group mates. The participant should trust that his teammates will catch him.

Extreme Adventure Park is not a place for those with faint hearts. This facility tests your courage and determination. For inquiries you can call at 045-499-0695.



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