The Canyons Reef in Subic Bay - Philippines

The Canyons Reef Subic dive site is proof that while the area is best known for its wreck sites, there are also several reefs that you can go and explore. At this site, the corals and other wonders are at par with the other dive sites in the Philippines.

You do not have to proceed far or deep before you see some of the finest coral reefs scattered around the sea, often surrounded by different types of nudibranch, pipefish, lionfish, parrotfish, frogfish, groper and many more. As you proceed along you will come across a shallow spot (only about 15 ft). This is one of the favorite spots of those who are just getting started in diving or snorkeling.

This part of the Canyons Reef Subic dive site is where new divers go snorkeling (be sure to do this when the tides are right, because they do change from time to time). If you continue heading to the southern end, the place gets deeper again. With the currents a little stronger, it is ideal for a drift dive.

If you are an experienced diver this change of pace will offer no problems, but those who are just starting out would do well to stick to the shallower parts and not go too deep. Even if you do not go deep there are several fishes and clams to see.

Given the number of beautiful marine life in the area, it is no surprise that it is where a lot of tourists and travelers want to go to. The Canyons Reef Subic dive site can be found at the western side of Grande Island, which is where most of the fine reefs are located. If you want to go explore the site you need to have some experience diving although the waters (usually at 5 meters or about 16 ft) are not that deep.

However because other sections have currents and go on into the open sea knowing how to swim will be important. This is particularly true at the southern end which continues into the South China Sea.

The cost of scuba lessons start at around 5,000 Php ($100) and once you have the basic requirements tucked under your belt, you can begin to explore the many wondrous sites in and around the Canyons Reef Subic dive site. As those who do so find out, there are a lot of things to see here.



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