The LST Subic Dive Site in Subic Bay - Philippines

The LST Subic dive site is the home of one of the more impressive looking sunken vessels off the bay. Unlike other wrecks, the ship is still mostly intact, giving visitors plenty to see.

The LST (Landing Ship or Tank) was an amphibious military vehicle that was used by the Allied Forces to carry troops and ammunition to various locations around the archipelago, but mostly at the beaches. After the war ended in 1945 a lot of these ships were scrapped or scuttled as newer models took their place. This one was scuttled off Grande Island.

One of the reasons why the LST Subic dive site is very popular among divers is that the ship is more preserved than the other ones, so major components can be seen clearly. In addition because of the clear visibility, it has become easier, especially for experienced divers to go around the vessel and explore its various parts without much difficulty or hardship.

As with the other wreck sites, an abundance of coral reefs have made it an attractive site. There are also various types of aquatic life forms that have called this place home, among them sponges, trout, parrotfish, barracuda and other colorful inhabitants of the sea. The well preserved ruins and the fishes make this site a haven for photographers.

Like the other wreckages off Zambales, the LST Subic dive site is in between the airport runway and the island of Grande. Although it is situated at a depth of 35 meters (115 ft) the area is generally clear for most of the time, and new divers will have little difficulty seeing the environment around them. It is however, deeper than most of the other wrecks in the area, so beginners may want to bring along their trainer.

The amount of money you will have to pay will depend if it is part of the tour package of the resort. If you want to undergo training yourself you can do so at any of the numerous dive centers in and around the town. For $100 you can get basic training and learn to dive.

Those who have gone to the LST Subic dive site always end up coming back for more as there always seems to be something different and new to see. The moment you begin this underwater voyage, you will easily see why it keeps people coming back again and again.



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