Triboa Bay Mangrove Park in Subic Bay - Philippines

One of the most visited and interesting Subic sightseeing spots, Triboa Bay Mangrove Park features different attractions that a lot of tourists in the area enjoy. This destination is easy to find so even those who are new to the place will not experience difficulties situating it. On the other hand, many locals visit this attraction because it has contributed greatly to the economy and tourism in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For locals and tourists who like to see the place, they have nothing to worry about budget since the admission fee in the park is very affordable.

Situated at Ilanin Forest Area in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Triboa Bay Mangrove Park is not hard to find. Tourists who will be coming from Manila City and Pasay City can ride in buses bound to Zambales or the City of Olongapo to reach the place. From these destinations, there are a lot of taxis and jeepneys that can transport them directly to the Subic sightseeing spot. Meanwhile, for individuals who will travel in private vehicles should take the San Fernando exit along North Luzon Expressway. From the exit, they will pass thru several towns in the province of Pampanga and Bataan before they reach Subic Bay Freeport Zone Expressway. From the expressways exit, there are signs that instruct people on how to reach the mangrove park.

As they reach the site, people can find two kinds of ecosystems, namely marine ecosystem and forest ecosystem. At the place, they can also see numerous mangrove trees, which are good sources of income of some of the residents in Subic Bay. In addition, local people take good care of these trees because their barks contain tannin compounds that are very useful in making and manufacturing leather products or handicrafts.

This place is very important to the residents of Subic Bay since the local government established Triboa Bay Mangrove Park to provide another reliable source of income in the area because aside from numerous mangrove trees, it also plays home to numerous marine species. Tourists and locals who will visit this Subic sightseeing spot will not spend much when they visit the place since the admission fee for adults is only 50 pesos, while the admission fee for children is only 30 pesos. To have a hassle-free visit to this place, tourists should make prior arrangements with the organization that manage the place before visiting the mangrove park.



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