Yellow Cab Pizza in Subic Bay - Philippines

Specializing in super delicious Italian cuisine, Yellow Cab Pizza is located at SBMA Compound along Sampson Road in Subic Bay. More than anything else, this premier food service provider is known for its flavor-rich and delectable pizzas. Its irresistible classic pizza flavors include New Yorks Finest, Hawaiian, and Garden Special. At the same time, this Subic restaurant also serves enticing Manhattan Meat Lovers, Pepperoni and Mushroom, as well as New York Classic. Prices for these pizzas usually range from 250 pesos to 790 pesos.

A Look at the Menu

More importantly, Yellow Cab Pizza in Subic is very proud to present superbly good in-house specialties like Four Seasons, which costs 380 pesos to 815 pesos per order, Roasted Garlic and Shrimp for 375 pesos to 805 pesos, and Corona Chicken Salsa for the price of 335 pesos to 775 pesos. Other undeniably good specialties of the house are Gourmet Garden, Anchovy Lovers, and Tribeca Mushrooms. Aside from its amazingly special pizza variations, this Subic restaurant also serves extra dishes including Twice-Baked Potato, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, and Spaghetti and Meatballs.


In terms of ambiance, Yellow Cab Pizza in Subic is really an inviting place, thanks to its superbly good service, great-tasting food, and cozy atmosphere. Likewise, this Subic restaurant is known to have a casual and cheerful ambiance, which is good for either lengthy conversations or even small talks. This place usually opens all throughout the week, operating regularly from 10 am until 8 pm. Refreshing beverages are also available inside this premier dining facility like bottled water, bottled ice tea, and soft drinks.

How to Get to the Restaurant

Yellow Cab Pizza in Subic is found at SBMA Compound along Sampson Road, which is part of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This remarkable Subic restaurant is found near huge hotels like Blue Rock Resort, Courtyard Inn, and Bayfront Hotel. Other amazing hospitality service providers near its location are Legenda Suite, Boardwalk Inn and Restaurant, and Lighthouse Marina Resort. After dining at this place, customers can spend some time at neighboring tourist spots such as Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Golf and Country Club, as well as El Kabayo Equestrian Center. Furthermore, they can also book themselves in at other cozy hotels in Subic including Treasure Island Resort, Subic Majestic Hotel, and Grande Island Resort.


For advanced reservations, Yellow Cab Pizza in Subic has the phone number (047)-252-9999. This ultra nice Subic restaurant almost has it all, from highly affordable rates down to super tasty specialties and treats.



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