Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay - Philippines

There are several tourist attractions in Subic Bay, but one that is very popular especially among families is the Zoobic Safari. If you are looking for a place to treat the kids on the weekend, this can be a good choice.

zoobic safari

The site is comprised of different sections, and each one is filled with some of the most unique and beautiful creatures from the wild. There is a special area where you can view lizards and other reptiles including several snakes. You can also get to see various types of horses, native Philippine animals like the carabao and even camels.

Riding them can be an unforgettable experience. Because you will be spending a lot of your time outside, you and your family / friends should wear something loose and comfortable. This is especially true during the summer days.

The Zoobic Safari in Subic also features black bears, and several ostriches at the Savannah. As you go through the area you will see several crocodiles and even feed them. Of course the biggest attraction here are the tigers at the Tiger Safari. From your vehicle you can see the wild cats, and feed them too. There is no need to worry as you get to feed the creatures via a window.


There is no need to bring your own food, because there is an eatery inside called the Buho Grill. Not far away from the park are the other restaurants where you can have your fill of other food.

The Zoobic Safari is located at the Ilanin Forest in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The entrance fee is as follows: From Fridays to Sundays (including holidays) it is 395 Php ($8) per individual; Senior citizens can get in for 316 Php; from Mondays to Thursdays the cost is 295 Php and 200 Php for children. Except on special occasions they are open from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon.

You should have at least 600 Php with you as you will want to ride the jeepney, train or taxi provided in the park so you can get around much more quickly. The train costs 50 Php, the same with the jeepney. The Zooper taxi comes at 75 PHp. These are prices for each individual. The cost of feeding the tigers at the Zoobic Safari starts at 200 Php per chicken.

Few adventures can compare with seeing big casts, but actually getting the chance to feed them is another thing altogether. That, together with the other attractions, makes this safari in Subic truly one of a kind.



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